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True Empowerment Through the CTG Agent Program

Have you ever gone to work for a company, drank the company Kool-Aid, became their greatest advocate only to discover years later that you're entrenched in bureaucracy, have a boss that makes life miserable, the culture is toxic and the company has no interest in helping you create a retirement? Enter the CTG Agent Program.

Cloud Tech Gurus (CTG) is a boutique master agency with some very special, unique technology and solutions providers in our portfolio. Unlike some of the larger master agencies, we focus strictly on solutions/technologies around contact center, customer care, at-home agent solutions, BPO and more. You generally won't find our vendors in other master agency's portfolios. Our vendors have super innovative technologies with amazing value propositions. 

Some of the solutions our vendors represent include:

  • Omnichannel cloud contact center (CCaaS)  

  • IVA (intelligent virtual agents) 

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)  

  • Conversational AI/IVA 

  • Advanced voice analytics 

  • Gamification  

  • At-Home Agent Training (LMS), PCI Monitoring and Compliance, Engagement

  • VDI/DaaS - Virtual Desktop which helps with compliance to the endpoint, security, network monitoring

  • BPO/Outsourcing

  • Workforce management  

  • Contact center/CX consulting and more  

Our vision is to help as many people as we can to break free from corporate bureaucracy, toxic cultures and compensation packages that were never really designed to help anyone retire, except for the C-Level executives. Our agent program is designed to allow you to build a solid, residual income stream. You can start with us while you're working full time by referring us anyone in your network who needs help sourcing and procuring technology and business solutions. When these referrals choose one of our vendor partners and become a customer, we pay our agents 50% of what we get paid by the vendor, in perpetuity or as long as the customer remains a client in good standing. Once your residual grows to a point where you'd like to walk away from your job and become an independent CTG partner, you can do most of the work we had been doing (discoveries, coordinating demos, etc.) and now you'll receive 70% of what we get paid in perpetuity. It is absolutely realistic for a CTG Agent to build a six figure residual income.

CTG Agent Program Options:

1. Register the client opportunity and we do all the work - CTG  handles discovery meetings, scoping requirements, pre-vetting vendors in our portfolio to narrow down the field and determine which are the best match, facilitating demos, helping with price negotiations, and monitoring implementation meetings to ensure the vendor delivers on what was promised. CTG splits the vendor compensation 50/50 with you.

2. Register the opportunity and you do most the work - You have access to all of our vendors, collateral, vendor contacts, etc. and you can do most the work including scoping the client's requirements, facilitating demos, interacting with the vendors, etc. and you get 70% of what we make from any vendor. 

CTG will constantly be evaluating new vendors partners with innovative technologies and brilliant value propositions to add to our portfolio. 

In addition, we create marketing campaigns around our vendors and solutions for you to utilize and promote to your network.

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