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A.I. Adoption Survey

How Does Your Company Stack Up to Your Peers

Cloud Tech Gurus would like to invite you to participate in a survey on A.I. Adoption in the contact center

We've partnered with IV.AI for this study and our goals are as follows:

1. To get as many companies as possible to participate and complete the survey, whether they have implemented an AI solution or not.

2. To publicly publish a report with the results which will illustrate:

A. Why do companies do or do not choose to adopt AI in their contact centers.

B. The experience and the results that those who have implemented AI see.

C. Allow companies to see how they compare to their peers in relation to AI adoption


When it comes to AI Adoption for your contact center & customer engagement, how do you stack up to your peers? Have you adopted AI and if so, what was the outcome? If you haven't adopted AI, why?

Cloud Tech Gurus, in partnership with IV.AI, has published an anonymous, confidential survey on AI Adoption in the Contact Center. We need to get as many companies as possible to participate, whether they have implemented an AI solution or not, so we can compile and analyze the data, and publicly publish a report with informative and useful results.

As various AI-powered technologies permeate nearly every area of modern business today, we want to learn more about how stakeholders in the contact center perceive AI technology, how they implement it, and the outcomes they generate.


Additionally, our goal is to understand how successful these AI implementations are, and the KPI’s they’re able to impact.

Untitled design - 2021-12-13T140406.552.png

Below is a link to our survey. To encourage the free sharing of information, we’ve allowed all respondents to remain anonymous. 


The findings from the survey will be shared publicly by Cloud Tech Gurus. For those that wish to see how they specifically compare to the industry benchmarks, they may leave their name and email at the end, with all responses being strictly confidential. 

Thanks for participating!

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