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Cloud Tech Gurus has invested 20+ hours a week vetting out Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) vendors for years. We search for providers with ultra-modern, next-generation tech stacks, who have a customer-centric philosophy, with super-competitive pricing, and whose platforms have incorporated AI and workflow automation to increase efficiency and improve CX.

In this newsletter, we'll be introducing the “best of the best” in modern CCaaS. Many of these providers you will be unfamiliar with as the industry analysts tend to shy away from more modern providers in favor of the big brands that everyone already knows, with older tech stacks & infrastructure, and who spent enough money with them to be featured in their various reports.

Our featured providers built cloud-native platforms that are superior to the well-known brands and with pricing that is generally at 20% to 60% less. You will be blown away by their features, functionality, QA, AI, analytics, omnichannel capabilities, reporting and more. 


Below are our featured providers along with video recordings detailing their amazing functionality.

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Connex One

The Connex One Omnichannel platform is flexible and versatile, encouraging both inbound and outbound customer interactions across voice, SMS, email, live chat and social media.


Our intuitive software will do all the hard work for you: collating tickets, distributing to your agents, offering scripting prompts, automatically recording the call and outcome in your CRM, and delivering your management team top-line analytics.

Highlights :

1) 24/7 support at no extra cost - we’re on call so a company always can be. Whether it’s a forgotten password, new user set-up, or issue, our dedicated team will be on hand to maximize up-time whenever needed.


2) Connex One customers typically save between 40% to 60% on licensing alone. We value total transparency. Our costs are calculated with a simple pricing solution, with no hidden fees.

3) Seven-year call recording storage included - meaning long-term access to essential data. The integrity and security of a company’s service and data are our top priority, along with achieving successful campaigns.

4) Seamless integration for customer success - the platform has the ability to integrate with a variety of the world’s leading software whether it be CRM systems, fintech, or ticketing systems. Our implementation team ensures this is a quick and pain-free process, completely bespoke to each business we work with.

5) A fully scalable solution - our flexible solution is designed to grow alongside any business. Our systems and support will be right there whether it’s needed for 10 users or 100,000.

6) One-month free Connex One software license trial - we help businesses see the Connex One benefits for themselves with a free trial before any commitment.

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Edify connects businesses with customers and employees with each other. The company’s Business Communications as a Service (BCaaS) platform, Huddle, is the only one that unites contact center (CCaaS), unified communications (UCaaS), and communications platform (CPaaS) functionality in a single software solution that lets users move seamlessly among channels within one conversation.


Edify removes all the risk of using its cloud-native platform with a five free user sandbox for testing, global availability, real-time redundancy, usage-based pricing and a 100% SLA uptime guarantee across our software and communication channels. 


1) Single Window - Huddle was built from scratch to make all interaction channels available inside of a single pane of glass. Customers may start via chat, move to SMS to send a photo of their issue, but ultimately they just need to speak to a live agent. So they do. Without ever transferring, disconnecting, or repeating themselves. Without ever interacting with more than one bot or agent. Happier customers. Happier agents. Lower handle times. Higher FCR.


2) Innately Unified - Huddle innately unifies contact center, unified communications, and real-time communications API capabilities in a single cloud platform. End-to-end or integrated solutions may claim to offer the same ‘list’ of functionality, but beneath the outer shell is a messy, complex mix of systems that have been built, bought, and bolted on. 

3) Rating #1 omnichannel innovation, #1 deployment time, #1 professional services, #1 hosting reliability, and beat all providers on price per Ovum.

4) No Downtime, Ever - 99.999% is NOT 100% - Edify Huddle guarantees zero downtime for the entire platform, including the underlying telephony. Edify Huddle will never go down, but if it should, the company will pay out 10x what was paid during that period. This is the highest and most inclusive SLA available today.

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Ozonetel understands how migration, setup, and integration issues can prevent companies from modernizing their call center operations, which in turn, impairs customer experience, lowers productivity & prevents scalability.


Ozonetel enables the fastest Enterprise Contact Center set up in the industry. And, as one of the few CCAAS solutions that are built completely in-house (without any dependency on third-party platforms), offers unmatched ease when it comes to integration and customizations.


Our scalable, omnichannel solution adapts to your business; and along with our flexible pricing and white-glove support, makes us the most flexible contact center solution available in the US market today.



1) Lower total operating costs by 50%.

2) Enable enterprise deployments in weeks not months.

3) Create cloud capabilities for on-premise PBX (Avaya IP Office, Mitel & Cisco) — work-from-anywhere, easy scalability, and CRM integrations‑—without replacing it.

4) Work with any telecom provider to get unmatched control over call costs.

5) Integrate with any UCAAS or CRM solution.

6) Get advanced features such as Drag & Drop IVR to let customize menus and call routing without writing a line of code, and use our purpose-built Dialers & Dialer APIs to create faster outbound campaigns, automated callbacks, & custom workflows. You also get sophisticated AI-based bots & omnichannel capabilities across voice, WhatsApp, social media & Webchat.

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Smartz Solutions

Smartz Solutions  is a dynamic CCaas software development company. We specialize in managing customer and employee experiences through our cutting-edge enabling technology.


Our success is based on technical foresight, innovation, and strong Contact Center business knowledge.


This enables Smartz to develop integrated solutions that meet your needs.

Smartz believes in cost-effective solutions that empower you to provide exceptional service to your clients and to your contact center employees.


Smartz provides key functionality that differentiates us in the Cloud Contact Center Industry.


1) Provide true “Omni -Channel” capabilities where all channels are integrated and speak to each other creating a seamless customer experience. Very different than a siloed “Multi-Channel” approach which is common in the Contact Center Space.

2) Provide an “Employee Experience” module native to our suite that includes e-learning, recruitment, time and attendance, surveys and technical asset management. Mapping the contact center employee experience to the customer experience is a unique approach in the Contact Center Industry.

3) World Class Bots and AI embedded in our platform and are native to our solution suite. Our “Sentiment Analysis” functionality helps to provide the best customer experience by mapping the best agent to handle a specific customer request.

4) “Container Approach” to Cloud Contact Center service delivery. This approach is extremely unique and provides utmost flexibility and options in the way we deliver our cloud solutions.

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SingleComm makes contact center inefficiencies and performance management problems disappear while helping them capture the magic of exceptional customer engagement!

Highlights :

1) SingleComm's WebRTC omnichannel ACD performs tech magic with unmatched contact center performance offering more than a thousand features, including workforce management tools.

2) A best-kept industry secret, SingleComm is the most robust and affordable cloud-native CCaaS solution.

3) Agent Workflows cut training/ramp-up time in half while dynamically optimizing the agent-customer experience, making multi-call resolutions vanish!

4) SingleComm’s drag-and-drop Workflow builder empowers contact centers to launch new client campaigns in minutes without any IT resources.

5) SingleComm’s reporting suite provides astonishing real-time operational insights like lifetime value, customer satisfaction, utilization, and more.

6) A library with hundreds of integrations prevents agents from jumping between multiple applications. SingleComm brings CRMs and other agent resources into a single pane of glass.

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At Sharpen we help you create a happier, more effective contact center team that’s empowered to strategically your customer experience. We have a few core philosophies that make this possible for your team:

Highlights :

1) We’re not just selling a product – we’re selling a partnership. Our consultative sales experts evaluate your pains and business goals to make sure you build a solution that makes the most sense for your unique use case.

2) Once you sign on with us, we don’t leave you hanging to figure the platform out yourself. Every Sharpen customer gets an assigned Client Success Manager to consult through the life of their contract (at no added cost to you).

3) You get guaranteed ROI with Sharpen. If you don’t see 5-15% improvement in agent efficiency in 60 days with us, we’ll give you your money back. All of it.

4) Flexible reporting, performance management, quality management, omnichannel, automation, and outbound tools are all native to the Sharpen platform (at no added cost to you).

5) Open rest APIs allow us to build integrations with any other open platforms you use. And, we already have integrations built for Zendesk, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

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Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern provides the easiest and most powerful AI-powered omnichannel contact center software that can be deployed quickly with the lowest professional services costs in the industry. With the purpose of making customer service, sales, and marketing brighter and faster than ever before, Bright Pattern offers the most advanced omnichannel cloud platform with embedded AI. Bright Pattern’s platform can be used on all digital channels like voice, text, chat, email, video, messengers, and bots.


Bright Pattern also provides native omnichannel quality management, allowing companies to measure every interaction on every channel. The company was founded by a team of industry veterans who pioneered the leading contact center solutions and are now delivering an architecture for the future with an advanced cloud-first approach. Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution is used globally in over 26 countries.

Highlights :

1) Highest ROI, fastest time to deploy (half of the industry average)

2) Recognized by Frost & Sullivan, Gartner’s Software Advice, Ovum

3) Rating #1 omnichannel innovation, #1 deployment time, #1 professional services, #1 hosting reliability, and beat all providers on price per Ovum

4) One of the largest banks deployed more than two thousand remote agents in one week for Payroll Protection Program amid COVID-19

5) Seven of the world’s largest auto companies use Bright Pattern

6) Single, effortless omnichannel conversation across channels

7) Omnichannel Quality Management – see 100% of interactions, every channel

8) Easy for Agents with AI Agent-Assist

9) Enterprise-class, Active-Active architecture, no downtime during upgrades

10) Only contact center available on all cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Oracle)

11) Unprecedented scalability

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