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Cloud Tech Gurus Presents 

“Caller ID Reputation, Identity Protection & Branding Solutions Week”

There’s a serious problem that businesses are experiencing where their legitimate calls to customers or prospective customers are showing up as “spam”, “possible spam”, “nuisance call” etc., which is dramatically impacting their customer answer rate. Nearly 87 percent of calls go unanswered because consumers don’t recognize the number or don’t trust the identity.


These calls can include:

  • a customer requested callback

  • informing a customer to a change in their appointment time for a service call

  • a consumer fills out a form on a company’s website because they want to speak with a representative

  • alerting customers about service outages or issues

  • calls from businesses to their customers to check on their customer experience and satisfaction

  • informing customers of a service or available option that can reduce their costs and improve service

  • calls from doctors, dentists or hospitals about something urgent

  • and many more

Cloud Tech Gurus has partnered with the industry leaders in Caller ID Reputation, Authentication, Identity Management and Branding. Their solutions can ensure legitimate businesses won’t have their numbers blocked, show up as spam, possible spam, fraud or as a nuisance call. These solutions allow consumers to confidently answer calls from companies they recognize because the numbers are verified, authenticated, show the company identity and can even show the brand and logo. 


Want to radically improve your answer rates with solutions that solve for your negative reputation Caller ID problems? Cloud Tech Gurus has recorded demonstrations with our next-generation, cutting-edge partners who are the industry leaders in Caller ID Reputation, Protection, Identity Management and Branding. Download the demonstrations by Numeracle, Hiya, First Orion and Contact Center Compliance today and see your answer rates climb significantly.

During our week-long webinar series, we’ll be featuring demonstrations by some of the most advanced, cutting-edge Caller ID Branding solutions on the market. Come learn about solutions that will save you time, money and can help transform your contact center operations.


Contact Center Compliance provides a cloud-based CallerID compliance solution, Trustcall,  that enables companies to easily and cost-effectively navigate CallerID reputation scoring with real time monitoring and tracking with both a user friendly dashboard and APIs for both pings and monitoring that addresses the scoring necessary to predict future behavior of outbound calls or SMS traffic. 

  • Trustcall Deliverability and Monitoring provide real time scoring with alerts on score escalation to know when it is eminent to change CallerID numbers, lower your call volume, or take evasive action. 

  • API allows for automation at the contact center/seller/collection level or for integration into dialer platforms (Five9, Grupo NGO, etc)

  • Cost per number pricing model available on a monthly term (or cost per ping basis)

  • Free test/trial on up to 200 numbers for 1 week for proof of concepts.


First Orion enables businesses to brand calls, showing consumers the "who" and "why" behind it and getting them to answer on the first attempt. Branded calling empowers consumers to trust their phones and the businesses calling again, building customer loyalty and delivering enhanced customer experiences. Their solution increases answer rates and contact rates, improving the overall customer experience. The proof is in their clients' results, with answer rates increasing by over 25%. By replacing a random number with your company's branding, you'll give customers the confidence to answer.


Nearly 87 percent of calls go unanswered because consumers don’t recognize the number or don’t trust the identity. With First Orion – enterprises, hospitals, government entities, non-profits, last-mile logistics, banks and more can now deliver critical communications and have their calls answered.


Amid the rising noise of fraud and spam calls, businesses struggle to effectively connect with prospects and customers. Hiya Connect is a voice performance SaaS solution for businesses and organizations that breaks through that noise and restores trust in the voice call by guaranteeing the integrity of the caller.


Get instantly recognized with Branded Call. Display your company name, and even company logo and an informative call reason and see your answer rates as much as double!


Reduce spam labels on your outgoing calls with Reputation Management. Track the reputation health of your numbers over time and understand why your calls are being blocked or reported.


Protect your identity with Secure Call. Prevent imposters from spoofing your numbers and authenticate calls with a fraud filter that protects your business and customers from the disastrous effects of impersonators.


Make informed business decisions with Call Performance Analytics and Insights. Access self-serve KPI data 24-7 with executive dashboards and insights found nowhere else.

With Hiya you can truly optimize your voice performance strategy, leveraging the unmatched distribution of the Hiya Network, a set of direct relationships with the world’s largest mobile carriers and OEMs, allowing you to reach more than 165M+ people worldwide. Hiya utilizes specialized trust models, machine-trained algorithms and leverages performance science based on over 13B monthly call events to ensure call protection and reputation monitoring.


Numeracle is your one-stop shop for everything related to Caller ID Reputation, Branding and Entity Identity Management, regardless of the customer’s mobile carrier or handset.

What Numeracle Does for Clients

Numeracle serves enterprise direct clients, BPOs, communications platform providers, and service providers to protect wanted, critical calls through their Entity Identity ManagementTM platform.

Their Verified IdentityTM solution establishes our clients’ status as a verified caller by completing a compliance-based Know Your Customer vetting process to authorize the use of their brand and improve the presentation of their calls. This provides their customers with the ability to control how their branded communications are delivered and prepare them for STIR/SHAKEN call authentication. Numeracle is the only solution provider with a defined KYC process to vet and verify a caller identity as a legal calling entity, accepted across the top four wireless carriers. 

Their Number ManagementTM solution gives you the control you need over the phone numbers you use to engage with your clients and subscribers using call blocking and labeling analytics companies, carriers, and apps to validate your ownership and presence. They can prevent and remediate “Fraud,” “Scam Likely,” and “Spam,” labels from association with your phone numbers and maintain ongoing visibility into number labeling through monthly health check summaries and risk rating reports via our customer portal.

In compliance with the FCC’s mandate of STIR/SHAKEN implementation, Numeracle has joined together with a STI Certification Authority (STI-CA) and leading provider of a comprehensive portfolio of STIR/SHAKEN solutions to deliver Verified Caller Identity for STIR/SHAKEN, a joint solution to improve the delivery of legal enterprise calls through STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication and optional RCD (rich call data) display.

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