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Cloud Tech Gurus recently published a newsletter entitled “Best of the Best Newsletter: CCaaS Edition” where we shared info and video on the most modern, next-generation and disruptive omnichannel cloud contact center platforms for 2022. In this Part 2 edition, we’ve added some additional providers that are simply amazing and whose solutions can transform your customer experience. 


In both our initial newsletter and in this Part 2, we're introducing the “best of the best” in modern Omni CCaaS. Many of these providers you will be unfamiliar with as the industry analysts tend to shy away from more modern providers in favor of the big brands that everyone already knows, with older tech stacks & infrastructure, and who spent enough money with them to be featured in their various reports. 


Our featured providers built cloud-native platforms that are superior to the well-known brands and with pricing that is generally at 20% to 60% less. You will be blown away by their features, functionality, QA, AI, analytics, omnichannel capabilities, reporting and more. 


Now, on to our featured solutions providers



What if you could reduce a significant percentage of your unnecessary customer dialogues and gain 65% more productivity in your contact center? With Anywhere365 you can leverage your existing Microsoft investments to skyrocket your customer experience, streamline contact center operations and reduce your IT costs. 


Anywhere365 has become the leading CPaaS solution, native to Microsoft Teams. Our Dialogue Cloud is 

  • the preferred Dialogue Management platform for 1800+ global enterprises, like Toyota, Philips and DHL 

  • recognized by Gartner in their Magic Quadrant report for Cloud Contact Centers and 

  • the world’s first Microsoft certified Connected Contact Center for Microsoft Teams.


Engage your customers effortlessly across any communications channels, from any device, location and any time. While AI voice bots and chat bots handle all routine requests, human agents work on more complex dialogues. The context of the dialogue always moves with the customer, ensuring first contact resolution of their issues.

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Call Center Studio

Call Center Studio is the world’s first CCaaS built directly on Google’s App Engine. Our multichannel experience base is all you need to ensure better experiences for all stakeholders, from agents to managers, within your inbound and outbound operations.


  1. Scalability - Upsize your operation 10 or even 50 times more and downsize back with just a few clicks to ride the tide of calls without breaking a sweat!

  2. 24/7 Support - Our dedicated project and tech teams will act as an extension of your business, assisting you in every step, whether setting up an IVR flow or customizing your greeting messages.

  3. UX-friendly - A single easy-to-use dashboard to streamline reporting, monitoring, and every other process in your operations.

  4. Open API - Built-in integrations with the most popular CRM systems, payment gateways, and ticketing systems and an open API that facilitates easy, fast, and free integrations with any other program or app of choice. 

  5. Contact Center Technologies - As Google’s Contact Center AI partner, we offer the latest advancements with our Virtual Agents, Smart IVR flows, Chatbots, and AI Dialers and perks such as Data Studio and simultaneous translation in 30+ languages. 

Competitive Prices - No complicated contracts, no hidden fees, no commitment, no maintenance fees—just a user-based pay-as-you-go model that offers up to 40% saving in TCO.

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Comm100 is a global provider of Digital CX that optimizes human and artificial intelligence (AI) across channels from voice to chat in a true omnichannel platform. Organizations like Rackspace, HomeTrust Bank, and Canadian Blood Services use Comm100 to exceed customer expectations with service that closes the gap between question and answer.


With Comm100 you can

  • Be more accessible to customers on more channels like chat, social, SMS, and email

  • Provide easier, faster access to problem-solving information

  • Offer smarter, well-equipped customer service agents

  • Access 24/7 sales and online support

  • Improve chat efficiency with built-in AI chatbots

  • Shrink your delivery costs

  • Enjoy affordable pricing

  • Choose Cloud or on-premise


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Symbee is the most technologically advanced Amazon Connect partner in the world, delivering all the power of Amazon CX innovation without the necessity to build everything.

Symbee delivers AWS cloud-based omnichannel contact center and unified communications with voice, chat, SMS, video, and social channels in a single platform, powered by AWS AI and M/L services.

We have low-code/no-code integrations with major CRM, WFM, and other contact center platforms that can be up in hours, not days or weeks.

Powered by Amazon, Symbee can scale from tens of users to tens of thousands of users, with no infrastructure or capacity costs, handling seasonal surging easily.


  • Robust Omni stack built on Amazon Connect

  • Consumption-based pricing - pay for what you actually use

  • 100% architected and deployed on AWS

  • Service available globally in all 10 Amazon Connect regions

  • 1,000+ features

  • Quick and affordable deployment

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Award-Winning CCaaS Platform | Powered by AI | Inspired by People

For businesses who want to meet customers on their terms, the solution lives within Thrio. Our flexible, scalable AI-powered contact center platform paves the way for friction-free sales and service. Powerful automations make agents’ jobs easier and quicker, with more personalized service for every customer. Thrio helps enterprises stay at the heart of the right conversations and the right experiences, every time.


Thrio’s CCaaS Platform Features:

  • ·        Robotic process automation

  • ·        Inbound and outbound voice engines

  • ·        Complete suite of digital channels (email, chat, SMS, social)

  • ·        Built-in AI & Conversational tools

  • ·        API-first architecture

  • ·        Array of security certifications that make it a strong choice for complex and high-volume environments


Thrio’s team of contact center experts develop and market cutting-edge technology that sets a new standard for reliability in contact centers.  

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UJET is the world’s first and only cloud contact center platform for smartphone era CX. By modernizing digital and in-app experiences, UJET unifies the enterprise brand experience across sales, marketing, and support, eliminating the frustration of channel switching between voice, digital, and self-service for consumers. Offering unsurpassed resiliency and the flexibility to deploy across leading public cloud infrastructures, UJET powers the world’s largest elastic CCaaS tenant at up to 22,000 agents globally, and is trusted by innovative, customer-centric enterprises around the world.


UJET transcends omnichannel to transform your customer experience

  • Blend channels for context

  • Blend voice and SMS messaging together to make hold times productive by gathering information and context for the agent before the conversation begins.

  • Embed UJET into your mobile app to maximize CX

  • Provide a seamless experience for customers across channels from within your mobile app to stop customers from having to repeat themselves and to capture information from the smartphone for higher rates of first call resolution and lower handle times.

  • Deliver more natural experiences

  • Allow customers to share photos, videos, screenshots, and text directly with agents in real-time to help agents see from the customer perspective and resolve issues faster.


UJET integrates natively with the industry’s leading CRM platforms, and can even integrate with your custom or homegrown CRM for unmatched data.

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