Protect your organization from data breaches and improve your card payment security.

Our vendor partner provides a new way for consumers to make payments using any channel with live agents or automated bots. It replaces online processes that typically have required purchasers to either supply their credit card details via apps or verbally communicate them to agents.

The system then sends consumers a secure payment link at the appropriate time.  Purchasers can enter their card details and the agent or bot, who does not see the card information, sees a checklist of the steps as completed by the buyer, enabling them to provide advice and support as needed.


THE OLD SCHOOL WAY OF PCI COMPLIANCE using Masking/Redaction/Encryption/Standalone IVR and High PCI Compliance Audit Costs is GONE!

  • The PCI challenge is fixed - customer-facing staff are no longer exposed to any sensitive card data.

  • Cost effective solution that removes any impetus to stock up on needless extra tech, with no additional service charges or rentals.

  • Maximize your sales revenue and enhance your customer’s overall experience – customers can instantly and conveniently transact with you, whatever the  device or communication channel.

  • Customer-facing staff never see or hear the customers’ card details – making it easy to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA, MiFID II and FCA guidelines. 

  • The service is a Certified PCI  DSS Level 1 Compliant solution. 

  • Never worry about card details being stored in call recordings or written down on paper again. 

  • Only pay for what you use – no service charge or rentals for having the service. 

  • There’s no equipment or software to be installed. 

  • An improved customer experience – payments are faster and more convenient.

Cloud Tech Gurus is proud to partner with Cirrus Link Pay + to keep your organization’s payment processing safe and secure.

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