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Technology is evolving at a record pace. This is fantastic news as there are ultra-modern, disruptive solutions that can radically improve a contact center’s customer engagement and customer experience. These exciting new technologies can reduce costs, lift CX, improve the agent experience, shorten new agent training times, reduce interaction times, automate manual tasks and more.


In this newsletter, we will be featuring disruptive technology solutions for contact centers that help with: 


  • Automation

  • CX

  • AX (agent experience)

  • Digital transformation

  • Agent/Team collaboration

  • Training & onboarding

  • Shortening interaction times

  • Staffing

  • And more

And now for our Best of the Best Newsletter: Disruptive Technology Edition



Today in the everything-as-a-service economy, support organizations play a critical role in product adoption, business expansion and revenue protection. Customer success hinges on understanding and acting on customer signals in real-time, when it counts most, not after the fact.


SupportLogic delivers the world’s first Support Experience (SX) platform that enables companies to proactively understand and act on the voice of the customer to build healthy relationships and maximize customer lifetime value. SupportLogic SX uses AI to extract and analyze customer signals from both structured and unstructured data and provides recommendations and collaborative workflows to reduce support escalations, case backlog and churn.

Extract Actionable Signals From Customer Interactions

Automatically extract 30 different signal categories and thousands of domain specific keywords from customer interactions. SupportLogic’s patent-pending AI and NLP technology is trained with over 60 million customer interactions.

Highlights :

  • Seamless integration with CRM ticketing systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics 365, ServiceNow and others.  SupportLogic does NOT replace your CRM investment.

  • Escalation Prevention, Backlog Management, Automated Case Assignment, Customer Health & Retention, Agent Coaching, Product Analytics.

  • Quick and light implementation (4-6 weeks).

  • Documented time to value (ROI) in as little as 90 days from implementation.

  • Published customer success stories include:

    • 60% reduction in case review time (Aruba, an HPE Company).

    • 40% reduction in customer support escalations (Databricks).

    • 30% reduction in the mean time to resolve cases (Nutanix).

    • 25% reduction in customer churn (Fivetran).

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In a world that has seen massive disruption over the last two years, contact centers globally have been forced to transition their core business strategies to account for pre-sales call volumes and increased eCommerce support in an already inefficient voice channel.


Enterprise contact centers in the Retail/CPG, Travel/Hospitality, Consumer Services, Financial Services and other B2C industries are turning to Quiq as a best-in-class Asynchronous conversational AI platform to drive increased automation and concurrency in digital channels such as Asynch Chat, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, Meta (WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram), SMS and In-app Messaging.  Their goal is to move as much voice traffic to digital channels as possible, automate negative value and redundant conversations, increase agent efficiencies and actually increase CSAT and NPS, AND THEY ARE WILDLY SUCCEEDING!!!


  • Reduction in overall call volumes 

  • Resolution through conversational AI Bots

  • Proactive Nudges to drive user adoption

  • Conversational AI Shopping Assistant to drive cart conversion and sizes

  • Direct access to digital agents within the platform across 12 different channels

    • Increased concurrency by 3-5x

    • Agent Assist tools

    • Full contact center suite of features

    • Agents and Bots are 1t Class Citizens (Transfer between humans and bots at any time in the conversation for further efficiencies)

    • Full reporting 

    • Bot and agent data in the same platform allows for deeper machine learning for agent assistance

  • Reduction in Average Work Times, Hold Times, FCR and a myriad of other traditional KPIs

  • Asynchronous from the ground up - Inactive conversations remain in queue but not counted against concurrency

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Leapmax is an employee productivity tracking platform that measures, analyzes, and helps businesses to take action based on AI-backed performance metrics. 


This employee monitoring software is supported by AI and ML-backed use cases that make it easy for employers to analyze and reflect on the input provided by employees remotely. 


It provides support in automating the culture of managing employees with metrics catered to productive vs non-productive work behavior. Leapmax monitors activities, simplifies collaboration, strengthens data security, and boosts compliance adherence.



  • Real-time access to employee activity status, total login hours, break time, application usage, idle status alerts, and broadcast important information.

  • Two-factor authentication to get secured check-in for supervisor dashboard.

  • Bird’s view to multiple employees’ screens with the flexibility to search by filters like process, departments, and profile IDs. Unified space for checking analytics, live reports, etc. 

  • Seamless integration for active communication between remote teams - Leapmax provides the facility to integrate with live messaging tools, video conferencing platform, and CRM.

  • This platform has the capability to measure productivity by monitoring screens, keystrokes, and mouse clicks while ensuring data safety by enabling access to blocklist URLs, key combinations, and applications.

  • Micro-segmented analytics to measure productivity

  • Convenient collaboration among hybrid teams

  • Application usage and activity tracking

  • Get productivity metrics, AI-based user detection and analytics, instant messaging application usage, activity status, and more.

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Floatbot helps Banks, Insurance carriers, Enterprises Automate “Inbound and Outbound calls” related to Customer Support, lead qualification, telesales and Collections, and “Increase Digital Sales”, using AI-powered Omni-channel Voicebots and Chatbots.


Floatbot is a SaaS-based Conversational AI platform that helps build Unified Voicebots and Chatbots. Its DIY “No Code” platform allows building unified bots [Voicebots and Chatbots] using an advanced Workflow builder and Conversational AI tools within hours. Floatbot is working to solve real problems in the contact center industry, which includes use cases such as “automating tele-marketing”, "increasing digital sales”, “automating lead qualification”, “automating inbound and outbound calls”


  • Unified Voicebot and Chatbot platform: allows building both the chatbot and voicebot in one single system

  • Platform. Bot becomes a chatbot on chat channels and voicebot on voice channels

  • Seamless switch from chat to voice channels- the bot can seamlessly switch from chat to voice channels i.e. after the call ends, the user can start interacting with the bot over chat

  • Multilingual: Configure one voicebot with multiple languages

  • Omnichannel: Bots developed in Floatbot can be launched in the Web portal, mobile apps (iOS and Android), Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Telegram, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Home, WhatsApp, MS Teams and more.

  • DIY “no-code” platform- Floatbot is one of the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and easy-to-use DIY no-code platforms for the development of simple to complex Conversational AI Voicebots or IVA. [IVA for both Inbound and Outbound calls]

  • Human-like experience- Talking to the Voicebot gives the experience of talking to a human agent!

  • Funnel-view analytics- The bot can give a funnel analytics view of which user is in which part of the application or sales or telemarketing journey (Outbound use case)

  • Real-time response time: Floatbot takes pride in Voicebot response time of <500 ms on call, best in industry

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Airin is a business-facing, no-code AI technology that clones the judgment and reasoning of your best agent. Gartner created a new category of AI technology - Knowledge Graph-Based Reasoning Systems - because of Airin's innovations in AI.


Dramatically increasing the confidence and accuracy of the rest of the team, Airin cuts new hire ramp-up time in half, reduces attrition due to new hires feeling "overwhelmed" by 80-100%, and increases First Call Resolution by 45%. 


The Airin SaaS solution is not for most contact centers. Reasoning Software is ideal for Reason-Based Contact Centers of 200+ agents with an Average Handle Time of 15 minutes and longer that require agents to use judgment and reasoning to respond to customers. Insurance, healthcare benefits, and B2B enterprise technology support are examples of Airin clients.

Highlights :

  • Surprisingly easy and quick to implement. Airin does not require technology integration or data ingestion to deliver 20x ROI in fewer than 90 days. 

  • Typically impacts 8 KPIs including CSAT and Employee SAT as calls take half the time and employees feel more competent and confident.

  • Tier 2 agents are excited and energized after building just one Model in Airin. Cloning your best agent's reasoning on any subject typically takes just 3 hours.

  • English as a Second Language agents recognize even more dramatic KPI results, especially with teams that struggle with quick development of confidence.

  • The self-service feature enables your customers to solve problems more independently as Airin mimics your best agent's reasoning, not their answers.

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Knowmax is a future-ready, full-suite Knowledge Management Platform that helps to efficiently create, curate, and disseminate knowledge for superior customer engagement across all touchpoints. Knowmax’s innovative modules and features help you create a robust KM strategy for an enhanced CX. 


Built out of a contact center by CX experts with over a decade of experience in customer service, Knowmax understands the CX challenges faced by enterprises and is trusted by some of the leading fortune 500 organizations globally.

Highlights :

  • Improve SOP adherence & process efficiency with the help of cognitive decision trees for the next best action Organize all product and process information under one single source of truth 

  • Make support teams mistake-proof with an efficient knowledge base

  • Integrate the KB with digital channels for call deflection at the contact center

  • Micro-segmented analytics to help you track and analyze all customer service data

  • Avoid switching between platforms and reduce AHT with the powerful chrome extension 

  • AI content migration engine for easy data migration to the Knowmax platform

  • Over 30% reduction in errors by support teams 

  • 15%-20% reduction in customer support costs

  • 20%-40% reduction in time to proficiency

  • No-code DIY decision trees for SOP adherence.

  • Ticket deflection to self-service channels

  • Making support teams mistake-proof

  • Making chatbots smarter and efficient

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