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The World's Most Accurate Hiring Software.

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Cloud Tech Gurus is an authorized partner for Journeyfront, the world’s most accurate hiring software.


Journeyfront helps identify what success looks like in each role in your organization and then screen applicants for those traits—giving you more data to make more accurate hiring decisions. Their closed-loop feedback system connects your pre-hire data with your post-hire outcomes, so your hiring process is continuously improving the quality of your hires. When you hire the right people for the job they thrive naturally, and job performance, diversity and culture increase while employee turnover decreases. Journeyfront helps you get the right person for the job, every time you hire.


Until now, assessment tools have been the standard-bearer for hiring accuracy. How’s Journeyfront different than typical assessment tools? More accurate. Why?


Your Data vs. Outside Data

Every company and position is different. Journeyfront captures what drives results at your company. They use data tied to your employees, vs. typical assessments that rely primarily on outside datasets.

Identify Bad Candidates,

Not Just the Good

Typical assessments benchmark by measuring your best employees only;

Journeyfront captures insights across all employees, including your worst. This helps you avoid bad hires as well.

Optimize All Steps,

Not Just One Step

Assessments miss candidate insights collected elsewhere in the hiring process;

Journeyfront helps collect and optimize insights across all your steps (applications, assessments, job simulations, interviews, and beyond).

Track and Improve

Results Over Time

With typical assessments, what you get is relatively static; Journeyfront’s software gets better over time by analyzing hiring data against agent performance and turnover data for continual improvement.

Freedom Financial Testimonial.webp

“Once we could see the data on what specific traits were impacting success in each role, it started destroying some of the common myths about what Call Centers actually need.” 

Heather Marcom  

Head of Talent Acquisition at Freedom Financial

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