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To Combat Complexity Call Centers are Investing in AI and RPA


Cloud Tech Gurus is proud to be an Authorized Agent for Krista - Conversational RPA. 

Krista™, by Krista Software, is a Conversational Robotic Process Automation platform (RPA) that brings the art of delivering great customer service back to the basics – through having great, context-rich conversations.  Krista eliminates multiple screens and reduces agent training times by becoming the single interface agents interact with for both call resolution and their own employment-related matters.   


To Combat Complexity Call Centers are Investing in AI and RPA 

Customer contact centers are investing in AI and robotic process automation to combat complexity. These centers are actively moving from on-premise customer relationship management systems to cloud-based SaaS platforms, but aren’t achieving the envisioned ROI leaders sought. New systems have not replaced old ones, they have merely adding complexity and contributed to unhappy employees and costly training programs. 

Contact Centers Need Simplification 

Companies are recognizing that engaging the workforce is essential for retaining talent and developing long-term relationships with customers. Investing in agents is vital for retention and customer satisfaction. Investments in agents will double over 2020 and 2021, yet, at the same time, focusing on costs is becoming less important. Only 15% of executives say reducing costs remains a priority over the next two years. They now favor investments in customer experience, automation, and artificial intelligence. (Deloitte) Contact center leaders expect AI and robotic process automation, RPA, to increase customer service. Nearly three out of four (73%) call centers plan to invest in robotic process automation to help agents quickly navigate systems to find the best information for each customer. 

Customer engagement automation 

RPA provides customers with real-time access to common queries providing superior self-service and low to no wait times. 

Three Primary Use Cases For Automation.

Customer service representative assistance 

RPA quickly guides agents on the next best action based on the customer’s exact situation leading to faster calls and employees more satisfied with their own call performance. 

Advanced operational and strategic analytics and insights 

RPA provides management with real-time insight and analytics from disparate systems so it can make informed decisions. 

Explore Krista automation and analytics 

Krista is a Conversational Robotic Process Automation platform that updates and finds data in your helpdesk, CRM, or any other enterprise system. It enables management, sales, and support teams to find and update information by mimicking how we already communicate similar to human-to-human messaging conversations.


Commands are precisely how you already seek information when conversing with colleagues and customers:  

· When did this customer last purchase a product? 

· Are there other products or incentives I can offer this customer? 

· How many times has this customer contacted support or the helpdesk? 

· How are our call times trending? 

· Are we completing more requests with the same staff? 

If you can ask, Krista will answer your question. You won't need expensive services and consulting projects. You won't need to train and retrain agents on a half dozen interfaces. You won't need to maintain documentation on how to make people understand the technology. You are providing technology that understands your agents and their job function. 


Krista maintains strict confidentiality and compliance standards when sending data to customers and stakeholders. It is enterprise-grade software that is entirely configurable for data security, access, compliance, and privacy. Krista enables financial services, IT services, manufacturers, logistics, and high-tech companies worldwide to eliminate constraints created by data silos. These companies spend less time manually updating systems for the sake of updating. Instead, they are providing valuable customer and sales updates to stakeholders as it happens in conversations. 

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