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Enhance your employee productivity. 


Cloud Tech Gurus is an authorized partner for Leapmax. Get productivity metrics, AI-based user detection and analytics, instant messaging application usage, activity status, and more.


Leapmax is an all-in-one platform that not only measures productivity but helps to keep teams aligned with their supervisors through proactive collaboration in the form of alerts, broadcast messages, group chat, and video conferencing. 



  • Real-time access to employee activity status, total login hours, break time, application usage, idle status alerts, and broadcast important information.

  • Two-factor authentication to get secured check-in for supervisor dashboard.

  • Bird’s view to multiple employees’ screens with the flexibility to search by filters like process, departments, and profile IDs. Unified space for checking analytics, live reports, etc. 

  • Seamless integration for active communication between remote teams - Leapmax provides the facility to integrate with live messaging tools, video conferencing platform, and CRM.

  • This platform has the capability to measure productivity by monitoring screens, keystrokes, and mouse clicks while ensuring data safety by enabling access to blocklist URLs, key combinations, and applications.


Boost employee productivity through complete and real-time visibility

Using the best of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning capabilities, make informed business decisions and provide constructive feedback based on performance behavior.

Measure employee activity using micro-segmented analytics

Track, analyze, and act on the productivity metrics through in-depth work insights. View detailed reports including daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

Recognize top performers by tracking time and productivity

Enable a proof handy when it is the time for performance analysis and compensation by tracking employee total work time, activity monitoring, and more. 

Improve employee morale by making them feel connected

Increase transparency and synchronization among remote employees with remote co-browsing and video huddles.

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Productivity Management

Data Safety & Security

Communication & Collaboration

Compliance Management

Overview Video

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