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Breaking Down Language Barriers.

Imagine someone from Haiti who speaks Haitian Creole moves to Brazil, where the language is Portuguese, and tries to call a local company to get a cell phone. The customer doesn't speak Portuguese and the agent doesn't speak Creole. This could be a problem…unless you have the right solution.

Cloud Tech Gurus is pleased to partner with a real-time voice language translation solutions provider – translating in real time in over 100 languages. In the above example, the customer speaks Haitian Creole and agent hears them in Portuguese. The agent responds and the customer hears them in Creole.

This is far less expensive than paying a translation company for translation agents that have to get bridged into calls.

BPOs now don't have to hire agents who speak specific languages. Their English-speaking agents can handle calls from anyone in virtually any language.

Our partner’s solution also works for digital interactions, website translation and more. Contact us for details!  

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