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Engage, Retain, and Empower Your Employees!    

Do you want to radically improve your contact center agent performance while reducing attrition, agent idle time, call wait times and wrap-up time?  Our vendor partner allows you to do all of that and more! 

Our vendor has developed the first app to combine Gamification, Rewards, and a Performance Dashboard into one unified platform that utilizes the power of behavioral science and game theory to drive agent performance and engagement.

This solution was developed utilizing the four principles of behavior science:  expectations, measurement, awareness and transparency. Companies like Overstock, and others, have seen immediate improvements in agent performance, agent retention and customer satisfaction. 

What can our vendor partner do for you?

  • Improve agent performance by 15% - 30% 

  • Dramatically improve CSAT scores 

  • Increase number of agents a supervisor can manage

  • Help to automate burdensome and error-prone tasks

  • Improve agent utilization & productivity

  • Create agent accountability

  • Improves schedule adherence

  • Reduce agent idle time 

  • Drive customer satisfaction

Our vendor's solution has an amazing ROI!  It usually pays for itself within the first 60 days!
Cloud Tech Gurus, a Technology Matchmaker and Authorized Agent for NGN Insights, helps companies to source, vet and procure technology solutions. We would love to walk you through the benefits of NGN Insights and help facilitate a demo. Reach out to us today to see if this gamification solution is right for you.

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