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The FIRST Root Cause Insights Platform for Inbound Contact Centers

Understanding the overall health of your contact center and where you need to focus to improve CX, people and cost performance is really tough. A recent global benchmarking report identified that analytics was voted as the number one factor that would reshape the CX industry, yet only 13.5% of contact centers rated their current capability as optimal.

Typically, identifying these insights is a manual, complex process that requires varied expertise and resources, often including complex technology and data science capabilities. Even still, you're not guaranteed to get the outputs and ROI you need from these activities.

Operative Intelligence (OI) is a disruptive new insights solution that is breaking down the barriers of time, resources and budgets needed to access expert insights. With over 25 years of hands on experience in contact center transformation, OI has built a market first solution that delivers root contact center insights as a service.


Requiring only a sample of call data, OI uses NLP and Machine Learning to analyze the root cause of why your customers are calling and identifies actionable opportunities to:

  • Increase first-contact-resolution and reduce repeat contacts

  • Eliminate non value add inquiries and migrate volume to self service

  • Reduce variability in rep performance at the inquiry level

  • Optimize skilling, routing and IVR structure

Benefits Include:

  • Focused change over time can unlock between 25%-40% of costs 

  • Targeted quick wins can unlock 5%-10% of costs 

  • Reduced customer effort that increases NPS and CSAT 

  • Technology Agnostic - no integrations means they can deploy quickly and as required

  • Expertise - industry leading service design, data science and CX methodologies 


We are proud to partner with the market’s first solution that delivers root contact center insights as a service.  It is Pay Per Use and guarantees an ROI or you don’t pay. 

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