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Cloud Tech Gurus Presents 

“NexGen Performance Management and QA Solutions Week”

April 19th - April 23rd, each day from 11am-12pm & 1pm-2pmPacific

Join Cloud Tech Gurus for a week of demonstrations by some of the most modern, next-generation and disruptive Performance Management solutions on the market. 


There are new, cutting-edge solutions that help customer-facing teams hit their goals and grow faster, by giving every employee the data and communication they need to be successful.


  • Easy KPI Tracking of customer service metrics that matter to your team

  • Real-Time Recognition and Correct Team's performances

  • Gamification

  • Results based recognition and coaching

  • Quality Assurance made easy

  • Increase sales conversion rates

  • Shorten new agent training time

  • Realtime communications

  • Realtime management

  • Performance Intelligence

  • Improve Call Quality and CSAT

  • And more.........


Cloud Tech Gurus is a Technology Marketplace with 50 categories of solutions and over 100 cutting-edge solutions providers. Our experts spend over 100 hours a month vetting out solutions providers, only adding the ones to our portfolio that meet the following criteria:

➤Ultra Modern ➤Well-Architected ➤Multiple Redundancies ➤Great Value Proposition ➤Customer-Centric ➤Built-in AI Capabilities ➤Advanced Features/Functionality ➤Competitive Pricing ➤Deploy Quickly ➤Don’t Nickel & Dime Clients ➤Easy to Work With

During our week-long webinar series, we’ll be featuring demonstrations by some of the most advanced, cutting-edge Performance Management solutions on the market. Come learn about solutions that will save you time, money and can help transform your contact center operations.


11am PST

Greg Salvato




TouchPoint One is the leading provider of performance optimization solutions for contact centers. The Company’s Acuity product is a full-featured employee engagement and performance management platform that enables improved decision making, talent development, and process execution at every operational level. TouchPoint One customer contact solutions deliver the compelling benefits of gamification, balanced scorecards, employee dashboards, and advanced performance management through innovative design and complete, functional alignment with business processes and strategies.



Marc Bernstein

Founder & CEO

You shouldn’t have to choose between providing your agents with the guidance they need in real-time and having the data you need to continue to improve your processes and outcomes.


With Balto’s real-time guidance platform, you don’t have to. Balto is the #1 real-time guidance solution. Powered by AI, Balto has helped contact center teams increase conversions, remain compliant, and decrease ramp time on over 50 million phone calls and counting. Many Balto customers have seen:


  • 31% increase in conversions

  • 43% decrease in compliance deficits  

  • 75% decrease in new agent ramp time  

  • 19% increase in CSAT score 



John Smiley

VP of Business & Channel Development

Ryan Stomel


Chad Tatton




John Smiley

VP of Business & Channel Development

Call Criteria is a 3rd party Quality Assurance Company providing affordable and reliable

quality assurance services to help organizations remain compliant and efficient.

Call Criteria achieves outstanding results through a blended QA approach, combining the most current Speech Analytics technology and our dedicated human analysts' trained human ear. Even the most robust technology cannot compare to the human ear in determining performance in areas like soft skills, call control, and objection rebuttal quality. With Call Criteria's ability to combine artificial intelligence, speech analytics, and human

analysis, our clients can reduce overhead costs, increase compliance, hold

teams accountable, and so much more.



Lee Waters


C2Perform is a comprehensive performance management suite for contact centers and customer support operations. See everything you need to drive improvement under one roof and for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. No longer do you have to try to coordinate (and pay for) multiple systems to improve performance in your contact center. Gone are the days of buying separate learning management systems, quality platforms, coaching tools and knowledgebase solutions (and more). With C2Perform, you get everything you need under one roof to make your team more effective and efficient.



Alexander Kvamme


Ramon Icasiano


Pathlight helps customer-facing teams hit their goals and grow faster, by giving every employee the data and communication they need to be successful. Pathlight does this by helping leaders aggregate data in one place, layering AI and machine learning to drive coaching conversations, and creating a performance management workspace to improve efficiency and metrics like CSAT.

Kevin Tamer

Creative Director



Scott Thomas

Senior Partner



Proponisi provides an employee engagement platform that empowers contact center leaders to connect their people with their mission, improving call quality, customer satisfaction and employee retention. They are a Voice of the Customer solution designed with the contact center in mind and their suite of solutions includes:
-VOC Post-Contact Surveys
-Role-Based Dashboards to understand and act on customer feedback
-Service Recovery - Automatically create and assign tickets for customer follow-up after poor survey scores
-Training & Coaching
-Employee Recognition
-Pulse Checks - One-question surveys that provide insight into how your employees are thinking and feeling
-And more





Kristyn Emenecker


Johnathan Horton


Jetson Gospel


At Playvox, our mission is to empower humans to provide great customer experiences. Playvox equips modern businesses and BPOs with the most comprehensive, collaborative, and insightful customer service agent optimization software suite for quality assurance, performance management, coaching, learning, voice of the customer, recognition, agent motivation, and workforce management. Our automated and centralized solutions integrate with your existing platforms and empower agents, team leaders, QA analysts, and managers with the tools and real-time intelligence needed to improve the customer experience and revenue generation within hours.





Vince Lynch


IV.AI helps businesses transform CX, social analysis, CRM, CSAT and insights while reducing cost with the industry’s leading AI platform. IV.AI is the industry leading AI platform designed for these challenging times by optimizing cost centers while driving success metrics with a team of former executives and engineers from Google, Oracle, Amazon, and Spotify, IV.AI leads the industry with proven case studies in conversational commerce, customer service, and consumer sentiment understanding, to deliver meaningful results.


  • The AI Platform gives you access to the highest quality Natural Language Processing (NLP) to isolate problem areas you should address ASAP and automate opportunities to drive growth. The complex system comes together in an easy to use interface that tracks changes in the live environment and anything you act on to ensure you always iterate towards success.

  • Use IV.AI's billions of data points or ingest your own unstructured datasets with millions of data points and feed your own powerful insights engine

  • Breakdown key metrics into their components to get a live understanding of changes within your business. See the insights in the platform or receive notifications of important updates.

  • Dive into your AI - The world's leading businesses use IV.AI for customer care analytics, automation, social insights, CRM, sales, SEO, and recommendation engines to automate action

  • IV.AI's team of experts help you build an AI strategy based on billions of data points so you can drive change, reduce cost, and hit your KPIs

Dan Johnson

Managing Director

StataPile is an artificial intelligence platform that uses neural networks, machine learning and Natural Language Processing to automate quality assurance. The system identifies the root cause of the interaction, then scores your employee on how well they follow your custom best practices and procedures.

StataPile's Artificial Intelligence automatically identifies:

  • The reason you didn't get the sale or resolve the issue.

  • The phrasing that results in the highest close rate.

  • The procedures that agents skip.

  • The number of opportunities each agent closes and the number of opportunities each agent loses—and why.

  • The first-call resolution rate.





Shane Jackson


Knowledge Rhino is a Managed Solutions and Technology Firm specializing in customer interaction analysis and performance management.  Our approach is based on looking at what your unique pain points are and finding an efficient, cost-effective solution to help you fix them.  We apply proven methodologies including speech analytics, data intelligence, A.I and human verification - to turn your problem into a productive and profitable performance result.

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