Are You Leveraging the Super Agent in Your Contact Center?

Updated: Jan 6

Organizations are constantly thinking about how they are going to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern customer to provide the best customer service they possibly can. In a recent study "58% of respondents state that it is a major problem for them that their existing legacy technology is holding them back, and 68% state that not having a single view of the customer across channels is a major problem for them" Source: The UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2019-20

Most Contact Centers have a separate dedicated team for each communication channel. However, there's been an ongoing discussion in the industry for a long time about whether it's achievable to have 'The Super Agent' handle multiple conversations simultaneously moving from a video call to an email, and from an email to a social response and then across to a messaging chat. The main reason this concept isn't widely adopted is because the technology vendors can't support it, because in most instances, the agent would have to switch between multiple systems, integrating data from multiple sources and messy desktops.

Introducing super agents and multiple channels in your contact centers gives your customers the best possible experience!

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