Why Get Help with Sourcing Technology Solutions Providers

"The process of selecting new technology solutions is difficult, complex and time consuming"

When a company decides it needs a new technology to solve for business outcomes, they assign one or more people from IT or Procurement to lead the project to research, source and vet various vendor solutions. It’s a lot to ask busy people with full-time jobs to carve out time to write a comprehensive requirements scope, research vendors, schedule and attend discovery meetings, sit through product demonstrations, negotiate final pricing, sign off on contacts, then project manage the implementation of the chosen technology. The process of selecting the right technology for your business is difficult, complex, painful and time consuming. It's a real headache for those involved.

Here's the old way to source and procure new solutions providers:

● Do a Google search or wander around trade shows to find vendors that can meet your needs

● Schedule Intro and Discovery meetings with each vendor

● View 60 - 90 minute demos with each vendor

● Review and try to understand complicated pricing schemes

● Build a vendor comparison to try and determine which one is best for you business

"Why would you want to go through this whole process alone, when you can work with a technology matchmaker who can make the entire process more simple, easy, and efficient?"

Here's the new way with a Technology Matchmaker. At no cost to your business, a Technology Matchmaker will:

● Map out your requirements, success criteria and budget

● Do all the legwork in researching the providers that are a match for your requirements, success criteria and business outcomes

● Handle all the initial vendor Discovery meetings

● Preview all vendor demos to vet out which ones are a fit

● Facilitate vendor meetings with only the providers that can solve for your business and customer outcomes