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Disruptive Solutions for Maximum LeadGen, Sales & Revenue Growth

At the Fall Sales Development Conference, there was a common theme among keynote speakers who emphasized that in the 2023 financial crisis, it will be more difficult for companies to generate leads, close sales and grow revenues. It's more important, now than ever, to invest in solutions that will radically grow your sales pipeline and revenue. In this newsletter, Cloud Tech Gurus is showcasing the most cutting-edge and disruptive solutions that will help you do this. Discover how these unique solutions can help you win more deals in less time, with less effort.

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Let's face it, nobody likes to make cold calls. And with all that goes into making a sale, teams are overburdened with prospecting, nurturing, follow-up, and sales meetings.

Outsource your cold calling to us and we'll book the appointments for you! 

Imagine the excitement when your sales team learns they don't have to make any more cold calls. Instead they'll become master closers and stick around longer. More reward, and less pain is a winning combination.



Floatbot is a no-code SaaS-based platform that builds Conversational AI bots.


Floatbot is one of just a few end-to-end conversational AI platforms for contact centers that enables conversational automation


Never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers on any channel:

  • AI-powered voicebot

  • Omnichannel chatbot

  • AI agent assist

  • ASR as a service


Growing a pipeline has never been harder.


42% of sales reps named prospecting as the most challenging stage of the sales process.


Sending generic emails to half-baked audiences is a waste of resources.


Our turn-key service blends outbound technology with human expertise so you can close deals faster instead of losing them forever.


Everyone knows that people buy from people they like right?


Have you considered the impact that having great call chemistry can make on closing deals? 

We matchmake prospects with agents most likely to form a

mutual rapport for positive engagement outcomes.


Using data and a lot of "behind the scenes" analyzation we make connections that "click" for  better outcomes on every call.  




According to Forbes, 64.8% of reps’ time, on average, is spent in non-revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35.2% for closing deals.


With Salesmaster ai you don't source leads, you don't prospect, and you don't have to follow up. Your reps can focus their time doing what you hired them to do… SELL!


Ask about our  Lead Generation GUARANTEE! 


Help your sales team in real-time  so revenue opportunities are never missed. Hello real-time. Goodbye reactive.


When every engagement matters, everyone could use a co-pilot. Just like Iron Man has JARVIS and cars have Park-Assist.


Why wait until the opportunity is lost, when you can strike while the iron is hot!

Are you ready to fall out of your chair?


Our speech enabled conversational AI makes sure all of your leads are called immediately.


Stop wasting time calling on unqualified prospects while hot leads turn cold, aging in your dialer.


We find the diamonds in the ruff by staying on script, qualifying, ranking and routing only those prospects worthy of your agents time.


Valor CM is end to end performance management software. 


We help our customer's improve:

  • QA scores by 16%.  

  • Telesales conversions by 50%

  • Customer retention by 25%

  • Reduce attrition by 40%.

Through layers of accountability, tailored to each agent Valor CM illuminates areas for improvement and guides the sales development


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