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Turnium Managed SDWAN


How much has your dependency on network increased over the past year or two? Do you wish the network between your locations, to the Internet and to the multi-cloud was as simple as a utility like electricity or water? 

Cloud Tech Gurus is excited to announce our partnership with Turnium, the next generation of SD-WAN or Network as a Service. Connect Everything Anywhere securely and reliably by just plugging in. 

Our partner offers secure network, delivered as a cloud service, with aggregation of links, seamless failover and constant network topology so that you can run your essential applications such as UCaaS/CCaaS, VDI and payment systems without interruption.


A Unique approach to link aggregation, link issues will not affect you, as long as at least one link remains. Turnium aggressively monitors all links for state changes, throughput, packet loss, latency and jitter so that when your provider’s circuits are not up to scratch, your traffic will simply flow around the issue, no failover interrupts, just seamless traffic flow.



Whereas today you need to maintain a whole range of skills to operate a network and even then it is prone to errors, failed upgrades, misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities, with Turnium this becomes ‘just a utility’ that they take care of for you, thereby reducing your operational costs and headaches.


How easy is it to extend your current legacy infrastructure to multiple cloud providers? What if it was as simple as Turnium deploying a secure edge into each provider and you’re done? How well are your providers doing? What do they say when there is an outage? Hold them to task while at the same time know where the issues lie.

Make home locations and temp location headaches a thing of the past!

Deploying your private network becomes trivial with Turnium’s service. You need a site for three months? No problem, just let Turnium spin it up and deploy with zero-touch.


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Schedule Time with us to see if Turnium SDWAN is right for your business or to book a custom demo

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