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Lead presentations during meetings

AI-Powered Voicebot

  • Engage customers across 15+ customer-facing channels, including Text/SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, mobile apps, and websites

  • Automate in/outbound calls with a fluent conversational bot

  • Voice biometrics

  • Less than 500ms overall call response time 

  • 91%+ NLP Accuracy  

AI-Agent Assist

  • Performs trivial time consuming tasks like data lookup.

  • Works with both voice and chat channels 

  • Q n A on unstructured data and knowledgebase articles  

  • Decision tree/pre-defined workflows

  • Real-time suggestions/nudges 

  • Self-learning 

  • Customer sentiment analysis 

  • Agent call flagging for quality control  

ASR As a Service

Floatbot NEO offers the next-generation ASR technology to the developer community to build advanced voice applications leveraging Floatbot’s deep-tech ASR technology

  • Increase digital sales by 150%

  • Reduce support costs by 40%

  • Increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores by 80%

  • Deflect calls up to 30%

  • Boost Agent Productivity by 50%

  • Transcribe Calls 3X Faster


Discover the Power of AI for Your Sales and Lead Generation Needs.

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