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Contact Center and Technology Solutions Experts

Sourcing technologies and solutions providers is grueling, time consuming and complicated. Let us help make the process more simple and efficient. Our experts map out your requirements, source solutions providers, help you choose the one that is the right fit and help manage the implementation. We work with nearly every major vendor, 150+ solutions providers, and are vendor agnostic.

The old way to find solutions:

  • Do a Google search or wander around trade shows to find vendors that can meet your needs 

  • Schedule Intro and Discovery meetings with each vendor

  • View 60 - 90 minute demos with each vendor

  • Review and try to understand complicated pricing schemes

  • Build a vendor comparison to try and determine which one is best for you business 

The new way is to work with Cloud Tech Gurus where we will:

  • Map out your requirements, success criteria and budget

  • Based on your requirements, we'll do all the legwork in researching the providers that are a match

  • We handle all the initial vendor Discovery meetings

  • We preview all vendor demos to ensure they're a fit

  • We facilitate vendor meetings with only the providers that can solve for your business and customer outcomes

  • We help with building a vendor comparison and consult to ensure you choose the best possible solutions provider

  • As we are compensated by our vendors, our services are at no cost to our clients

Odds are, your IT and Procurement teams regularly avoid talking to vendors and learning about new solutions. We talk to new and existing solutions providers daily, view no less than 5 solutions demos a week and are likely aware of awesome solutions providers you would have never found without us. 

When it comes to sourcing technology solutions, let Cloud Tech Gurus do all the tedious grunt work for you to save you time, effort and ensure you have the right solutions to solve for your business outcomes. We're the perfect complement to your IT and Procurement Teams.


Technology Solutions Include

Cloud-Based Contact Center and Customer Engagement Solutions

Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions (CCaaS) | Contact Center Platform Solutions (CPaaS) | Unified Communication (UCaaS) | Conversational A.I. | PCI Compliant Payment Solutions | Business Analytics | Voice Analytics | Quality Management & Assurance | Workforce Optimization (WFO & WFM) | Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) | Carrier Services | SD-WAN | Network | CX Consulting | RFP Creation and more.


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