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CX Solutions Advisors

We help mid-market and enterprise businesses source and procure impactful, next-generation and disruptive CX solutions. We provide solutions in 50+ categories from 600+ suppliers. 


We Bring CX Solutions to You


Cloud Tech Gurus has invested 2,000+ hours evaluating vendors in search of the most modern, cutting-edge, impactful and customer-centric providers on the planet for our CX Solutions Marketplace.


Our revolutionary, zero-cost model combines the world's best CX solutions providers and professional CX consultants to save clients time, money and frustration.

Our model eliminates vendor discovery meetings, salespeople, sales pressure and ensures our clients procure the perfect solutions provider based on their business and customer outcomes.


Is your solution...

  1. Cutting edge, disruptive 

  2. Affordable and scaleable price point

  3. Tested and provable success (case studies)

  4. Lowers cost of customer acquisition

  5. Improves the customer experience

  6. Simplified implementation process

  7. Shortened implementation process

  8. Affordable implementation costs


The CTG Team helped us source a new WFM solution. The service, knowledge, and effort  put forth on my behalf was incredible. Thanks for handling the stuff I didn't want  to. 

I would highly recommend Cloud Tech Gurus to any company looking at new technology for their contact center. They made  it easy and effortless.

I worked with one of the CTG Gurus and they were just fantastic. They helped me select and procure the right omnichannel solution for our environment, I was able to stay focused on  my business while  my advisor Tom did the leg work.

Meeting Table

Our Consultants Handle the Following:

  • Requirements Documentation

  • Vendor Screening

  • Creation/Mgmt of RFP's (as necessary)

  • Hosting Vendor Demos & Meetings

  • Shield Clients from Salespeople

  • Vendor Selection Guidance

  • Implementation Monitoring

All this at no cost to our clients!



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