Agent Monitoring & Engagement For At-Home Agents

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced 95% of contact centers around the world to work-from-home (“WFH”). While some businesses have been working with remote contact agents before the pandemic, many more were not and cannot seem to figure out how to do so seamlessly.

Are you just trying to figure out how your agents can work from home successfully? Are you looking to adopt work-from-home best practices to improve your on-premise center’s performance? Are you concerned with data security including PII, PCI, PHI and GDPR compliance?”

Well, whichever the case, you need an exceptional tool with a capable work-from-home module. This is because your business is going to face two significant problems during this pandemic time.

Problem With Agents Working From Home

With practically every city on lockdown due to the pandemic, there really is no choice but for your agent to work from home. However, this will bring on some anxiety, especially if you’ve never worked with agents remotely. The question is, “How would you maintain security & productivity standards when agents work from home?”

Likely Difficulties As agents are working from home, you would be unable to ensure that they are putting in the necessary work. It would be difficult to patrol their actions, view their monitors, prohibit cellphone use, and more. Ineffective Physical Security Besides agents’ engagements with clients, their engagement with you and with each other is also essential. Working from home means there would be no daily kick-offs meetings, team camaraderie, new trainer-agent nurturing, and more.


There is now a system that bridges the gap between traditional premise-based centers and the urgent need for agents working remotely.

With this system, you get comprehensive monitoring to log agents’ activities, flag suspicious behavior, and information required to respond to incidents. You also get to engage with agents and motivate them to work hard while working from home.

Agent-facing webcam that broadcasts and ensures that your team is engaged by:

- Monitoring agent surrounding environment

- Watching facial expressions and engage complacent/frustrated agents

- Recording events for compliance & QA

Agent screen capture that helps you monitor every activity on your agents’ computer by:

- Recording screen upon keyboard/mouse activity

- Searching and flagging video for suspicious activity

- Playback stored for investigation

Agent-to-supervisor chat & screenshare that enable supervisors to provide quick visual

assistance to agents during contact engagement by:

- Allowing Virtual “hand-raising” for assistance

- Chat & screenshare between agent supervisor escalation team concurrent to an agent-customer engagement without putting customer on-hold

- Storing chats as internal notes for future reference

Contact Cloud Tech Gurus to learn more about this amazing solution and how it can improve your Work From Home contact center. Click here to book a meeting with one of our team.

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