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A Global On-Demand, Virtual Workforce

GigCX is a revolutionary customer care solution that is radically changing the way contact centers and BPOs are staffing, and solves for their current staffing shortages and attrition.


What is GigCX?

GigCX is a global on-demand, virtual workforce comprised of talented, skilled and experienced contact center agents. Experienced contact center agents are fleeing the traditional workforce in favor of more flexibility and control over their work and life. They are quitting their traditional contact center jobs in favor of joining the gig work communities provided by GigCX companies. As gig workers, they have the flexibility to choose their schedules and to choose which companies and campaigns they work on.

This new model provides agents a better work/life balance and allows them to enjoy a better work experience. Since the agent experience is the root to a good customer experience, GigCX lends itself to a superior customer experience. Happy agents equal happy customers.


GigCX Benefits to Contact Centers and BPOs

GigCX alleviates issues surrounding Attrition and Staffing and helps contact centers avoid Direct and Overhead Operational Expenses through their all-inclusive Recruitment, Vetting, Testing, Background Checks, On-Boarding, PCI L1 Compliance, Scheduling, Training, Operational Oversight, Payroll Administration, and Workforce Management Solutions Ensuring Operational Security & Compliance Standards. GigCX is not a replacement for traditional staffing models but is an augment to them. Many contact centers now use GigCX for 20% to 30% of their staffing.


GigCX Highlights

  • Complements your current staffing with experienced, qualified and skilled agents to use when and how you see fit

  • Solves for short-term and seasonal campaigns of any size

  • Perfectly staff your contact center at all times – eliminate hold times and optimize occupancy every hour

  • GigCX providers prepare 2 – 5 times as many agents as needed to ensure you have a rapid response to unexpected changes in business

  • Solves for campaigns where agents need to be in various global geographies with various language proficiencies or other specific skills

  • Makes contact centers and BPOs more agile, flexible and reduces HR and operational costs by 25% - 35%

Cloud Tech Gurus is partnered with the leading providers of GigCX. Based on your requirements, budget and success criteria, we will pair you with the GigCX provider that solves for your business and customer outcomes.

Book a meeting today to learn more about what GigCX can meet to your business at

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