Updated: Jan 6

Is There Really A Staffing Shortage?

According to the Washington Post, there are 8.4 million people unemployed looking for work, 10 million US job openings and 55 million US Gig Economy participants.

Maybe there isn't really a staffing shortage but companies who are not benefitting from the gigantic pool of available Gig Workers and are slow to embrace the Gig Economy?

The Solution

Cloud Tech Gurus has the solution to today's staffing problems. We have an amazing partner who provides GigCX (gig customer-experience operations). They have communities with thousands of global Gig Workers who are qualified and ready to work. Their Gig Workers have been carefully vetted and qualified, have exemplary scores on their aptitude tests, have excellent language proficiency scores, have adequate bandwidth in their home network, and have attained additional qualifications.

The icing on the cake is GigCX can cut your staffing costs in half, can reduce the time it takes to fill positions by 90%, and shorten the recruiting/hiring time frame from weeks to hours.

Some recent clients include global BPOs who are thrilled with their cost savings, quality of workers, and how rapidly they can fill positions. Pilot programs are available so companies can prove to themselves how awesome GigCX is before making any commitments.


There is not a staffing shortage. There is only a shortage of open-minded companies that are ready to embrace change and objectively explore the many benefits, and cost savings, available with GigCX. 55+ million Gig Workers can't be wrong.

Don't take our word for it. Check out the McKinsey & Company article entitled "An on-demand revolution in customer-experience operations?" here.

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